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H.O.L.I.D.A.Y ???
Tuesday, April 10 | 3:41 PM | 0 BlackWhite

haii kamu kamu kamu semua... ape khbr?? hehe lama dah aku tak update story.. wee.. maklumlaa tade cerita best.. tapi-tapi hari ni ade cerita.. hehe.. main topic HOLIDAY.. tomorrow holiday tapi kami kena suruh p sekolah.. sebab nak buat MUDBALL until 2000 biji.. oh my god.. bencinyaa... esok gonna go to school from 7 a.m until 10 am .. woooaaaahh 3 hours at school doing mudball.. -.-'' malasnyaaaaaaa.. Damn it.. but syukur laa pakaian bebas.. tak payah pakai baju sukan sekolah yg tak smart tu.. Lepas balik nanti sambung rock n roll kat pantai with tuition members.. hehe! best tu kan..?? best tu kan? PUSAT CEKAL TUITION esok ulang tahun anda thanks for invited me for your party.. hehee.. mix lagi ngan pusat cekal k.k.. i can find new friend .. jyeaah i love it.. hehehe..

Next story.. just now at school.. like Awsome !! telling story with my form teacher.. woooah! best giler kacau dy.. he like my brother.. ^^ memang syiok laa ceriter-criter... kacau-kacau dy... when he smile make me smile too.. ^^ tomorrow he gonna expense us 100 plus..hopefully his promise are right.. Nice to know u teacher.. =) cant wait for ur birthday.. im gonna surprise him with gift ~

One more story it happen in my class just now.. he
challenging my patience .. ohyaa.. dah tahu kesalahan sendiri tidak mahu tanggung.. fucker that guy.. -.-' no cooperation and responsibility..better tak payah masuk kelas 5Bersih!! im ur leader.. im ur class monitor.. You should have listened to me whatever i ask u to do.. you should do.. ergg! seriously i hate that guy and I already want to give up being a class monitor.. =( =( highly pressure to handle that class =( okey enough for today.. mixed feelings right now.. =/

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