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Saturday, April 14 | 11:56 AM | 0 BlackWhite

Meet My Boyfriend Zayn Malik

Zayn Malik was veryvery handsome guy.. damn i falling in love with him.. haha!
(angan-angan ).. one direction thanks for picked up the handsome guy like Zayn Malik into ur group..
Back to the true story.. today is saturday.. i suppose hang out with someone call new friend.. but something happen just now.. and i have to cancel my meeting with him..
damn it! i cant hang out with him because my aunty from perak want to come here with her's son Irsyad... so i have to help my mom to clean up our home.. -.-'
especially room.. she gonna stay in our home for 3-4 days..
seemingly my auntyis here,so she gonna bring me to shopping.. yeah! love it..
aunty please buy for me choclate from KLIA.. =)
that day my mom buy choclate for me and its not enough..
hehehe! CHOCLATE the most food i love..
okey enough posted nonsence right now.. hehe! i have to go..
bye you all..

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