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Tuesday, May 8 | 5:24 PM | 0 BlackWhite

Hye people.. fiuuh.. i think lama sudah tidak update blog kan kan?? okey today nak post pasal something yang ramai orang sudah post.. its about E.X.A.M -.- yeahh! there are a lot of people @ students posting about exam week in facebook..twitter and also blogger.. it right.. sekarang nie musim exam kan ? same with our school.. by the way our school will start exam on tuesday 14/5 hehe it almost near right? wish me luck =))

About exam.. now about him.. sejak dua menjak nie kami asyik gaduh jer.. tdak tau laa napa tu.. yesterday yg paling besar gaduh.. until me nyaris mau tersebut brek.. huhu nasib kesabaran aku masih kuat =') .. just now di school berabis dy minta maaf.. then dy ckp " yesterday mcj bie buat dear nangis.. im sorry sebb balik2 dear bagi salah bie .. " im just like.. " BLUR " hahaha! actually marah tu marah juga..tapi lau sudah semalaman tidur hilang lah sudah tu feel marah =)

it okey dear.. di maafkaan juga.. hehe im happy di sisi dy.. dy selalu care sal aku.. especially when dlm kelas.. aww.. =)) okey laa.. natau mau story apa lagi.. ku mengakhiri cerita dgn 3 words I LOVE YOU =))

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