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Wednesday, May 23 | 5:01 PM | 0 BlackWhite
Hye .. 2 more days.. yess tidak lama lagi habis exam.. kamu pun sama tak?? memang best laa.. lepas tu cuti 1 minggu yahoo! ehh mesti korang dapat cuti dua minggu kan? well sekolah kami ada kelas tambahan for SPM and PMR candicate.. kesian tak kesian tak?? ape boleh buat lah susah-susah dahulu senang-senang kemudian..betul ? okey time kasih support.. hahah ! for my holiday.. i want hang out with my abg angkat.. err err~ dia dah janji nak belanja for my birthday that day.. haha! i want hang out with my love too but he busy for his KAAMATAN celebration next week.. so i think there no chance to hang out with him.. aww pity of me.. never mind lah.. as long as he love me.,,its enough.. oh im so sad.. 1 week holiday,, i cant meet him.. lalala~ i love you dear.. u always sing for me until me sleep.. how sweet are you.. urgg i never having a boyfriend as sweet as him.. huhu.. anything happen i will find you.. you are one in the million in my life.. haha..

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