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Wednesday, July 18 | 10:42 PM | 0 BlackWhite

You can't love them ,yet you can't hate them yes I'm talking about my ex boyfriends. I find it's hard to be friends with an ex because you couldn't make it in a relationship ,and your probably still hurting from it. I know I am currently hurt by an ex boyfriend it hurts it really does especially if they move on and your still caring about them, Your just left wondering what you've done , and yes I know wallowing is pointless just when you see your ex with someone else it gets to your heart deep like an endless wound that has just had salt poured all over it. It tend to make old feelings hurt more and more , eventually these wounds do heal but how do you couple with an ex do you avoid them and yet wish to be with them or hurt yourself more by trying to stay friends and get along?

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