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Aku Jatuh Cinta Lagi
Friday, November 16 | 10:28 PM | 0 BlackWhite

Hye there.. apa cer holiday kamu?? best lah dapat jalan-jalan.. hrmm aku? anyuu tu perang SPM belum habis-habis lagi.. YOU MAKE ME FALL IN LOVE AGAIN !!

oh dear boyfie.. i love you so much.. hehe! hari-hari aku jatuh cinta sama dia.. dia ni kan sweet lah sangat.. kalah gula cewah !.. hrmm btw thanks hby for that ring.. so sweet .. tdak pernah aku dapat cincin yang terukir nama boyfie dari boyfriend2 aku dulu.. auch! haha! you are the first one give me .. oh baby i dont want to leave you.. eh eh esok family dia ajak pi perkahwinan family dorang tapiii.. i cant go.. cause my mom suruh belajar.. oh my !! stress kite terus begini.. sorry hubby .. tak dapat spent time with you tomorrow.. jangan lupa text bini yaa.. :'D 

SPM SPM ! okeh this monday gonna start again exam.. paper agam and reka cipta for monday ! wish me all the best keh readers.. muah sana sini ! hehe okey lah thats all for tonight.. see yaa <3 ^^

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