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Friday, November 9 | 9:34 PM | 0 BlackWhite

Hye guys.. oh berbulan-bulan sudah tidak update blog.. sampai kengkawan tanya " blog kau masih wujud karh ?" sorry guys.. jarang-jarang sudah aku online di lappy nie.. maklum lah ada phone canggih so teda masa au buka lappy.. focus on facebook and twitter jaa hehehe.. btw i got new story!!

yesterday aku pergi anual dinner sk kibabaig its my mom school.. gorgeous ! simple dimple pimple jer dressing aku.. tengok kat pict atas.. lol.. kat mana dinner? kat Hotel ming garden new hotel there.. okey i meet someone awesome and tuuuuuut .. dia waiter for our dinner.. oh gosh firstly im feel alone because my mom busy prepared for acara and also hadiah... keep online on my phone .. suddenly i saw someone.. dia ambil tu napkin then tebar and letak atas my paha.. but i feel shy and i said " tidak payah.. let me do myself " she keep smiling lol.. punyaa malu time tu.. waktu makan lagi lucu.. adakah dia tolong letak makanan di pinggan.. eeee awkward yeah ! dia layan cam princess haha!

Time orang ramai sibuk dengan acara .. i get out from that hall.. then stay-stay kat sofa depan hall tu.. stay-stay online... then tu kwan datang tegur.. yeah i got new friend buddy.. dia bagi number dia.. keh umur dia 22 .. can you be my abang angkat?????? lol.. okey i have to tell ijam about it.. haha! okeylah nothing to say. chaww bye ..

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